Why TV & The Big Screen is The Best Way to Reach Moms on Mother’s Day

| May 07, 2019

Mother’s Day is a huge spending event. What’s the best way to capture the attention of consumers ready to celebrate mom on her big day?

This year – from flowers and jewelry to spa days and dining out – spending for Mother’s Day is expected to reach a record-high $25 billion. It’s clear that consumers are excited to celebrate all the moms in their lives, as the NRF predicts spending will average $196 a person – the highest its ever been.

As an advertiser, it’s also clear that your brand needs to be ready to inspire consumers with great gifts and unique experiences. How will you reach these consumers ready to celebrate Mom on her big day?

According to new analysis from TVB, the way to go is local broadcast.

The Power of Linear Broadcast

Mother’s Day is a huge spending event, and the best way to capture some of that spend is with broadcast TV, especially as consumer confidence grows in local broadcast news stations.

With local broadcast, advertisers have an opportunity to reach a very wide audience with TV’s high reach and targeted ratings, which allows marketers to target category shoppers. Better yet, consumers engage more with linear broadcast, spending more time with TV than any other platform. With broadcast, you can target this audience which is large, in charge, highly engaged, and ready to buy.

The Power of the Second Screen

Broadcast TV is also open to a wealth of second-screen opportunities, as second-screening improves a viewer’s chances of engaging with an ad by 75 percent. How are these viewers interacting with the second screen? According to Nielsen:

  • – 71 percent look up more information on content they’re viewing
  • – 35 percent shop for products or services being advertised
  • – 41 percent share information on what they are viewing via email and text messages
  • – 28 percent share information on what they are viewing to social media platforms

While advertisers might be concerned that second screen viewing habits distract from viewing ad campaigns, second-screening actually enhances the engagement of this highly receptive audience.

The Power of Attribution

The TVB report also shows that broadcast TV delivers both in-store and online shoppers, but how can you tell?

In a big leap forward in TV advertising, TEGNA Attribution is now available in select markets and uses ACR technology to determine if a person viewed a Linear Broadcast or OTT ad campaign, and then either visited the website or the store’s physical location. TEGNA Attribution data can then be used by clients to prove the value of TV/OTT schedules in driving business results, make optimization decisions, and maximize the efficiency of the paid media.

Click here to learn more and see if this technology is available in your market.

Add Over-the-Top Streaming to Complement Linear Efforts

Linear Broadcast isn’t the only way to reach an audience who loves their moms. Over-the-Top streaming options, such as with TEGNA’s Premion OTT service, also present a major opportunity to celebrate mom.

A new study done in partnership with Hulu found that of the nearly 2,000 global consumers surveyed who watch at least 7 hours of TV per day, 82 percent of them will act after seeing an ad during streaming content.

The study also found that these shoppers find ads on OTT twice as relevant than their TV counterparts. Check out the full study here.

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