This Month in Marketing News: How Google Fights Ad Fraud, Burger King’s Geofencing Success Detailed, Advertising in Fortnite on the Rise, and More!

| February 28, 2019

The latest news from the marketing world, including lessons from CES, the rise of eSports, changes to Google Ads, and more.

Google Details How It Is Fighting Ad Fraud
An estimated 20 to 50 percent of ad spending is wasted in ad fraud. With that in mind, Google has released a 32-page whitepaper on the companies “work to tackle the intentional spread of misinformation across Google Search, Google News, YouTube, and our advertising platforms.” Details and the full whitepaper can be found on the Google Blog.

Update: Burger King’s Geofencing Campaign Results are in
Remember the Whopper Detour campaign? In the campaign, Burger King geofenced 14,000 McDonald’s locations across the country, targeting McDonald’s guests with the BK App on their phone. Once inside a McDonald’s location (or 600 feet away from one), guests who have the BK app will receive an instant offer to get a Burger King Whopper for just a penny. Now the results are in, and Burger King says it generated 1.5M app downloads. Mobile Marketer has the full story.

eSports on the Rise as Big Brands Get Into Fortnite
Wendy’s is just one of the big brands jumping into an emerging eSports scene, looking to increase brand awareness among gamers and younger audiences by appearing in games like Fortnite in new and interesting ways. Generate some ideas on how eSports can fit into your strategy and check out the full article on DigiDay.

Watch: Nielsen Talks on the Evolution of TV Advertising
The fast pace of technology is changing the way we advertise, and there was an abundance of evidence at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Watch this interview with Kelly Abcarian, SVP, Product Leadership at Nielsen for her insights on Linear Broadcast advertising, and how marketers can reach their key audience. Watch it here.

Is Google Testing Search Ads with Virtual Assistant?
Rumors (and screenshots) have started swirling on Twitter that Google’s Assistant is testing serving search ads as results. When asked to comment, Google claimed that it’s constantly testing new things, yet has “nothing specific to announce right now.” What do you think? More details (and the screenshots) can be found here.

LinkedIn Gets Into Live Video
The social network for professionals has announced that it’s rolling out LinkedIn Live, a new feature that gives professionals the ability to broadcast live and in real time to the entire platform, or to specific groups within in the platform. LinkedIn Live is currently only available by invite-only and according to TechCrunch, LinkedIn Live will cover live events from companies such as conferences, product announcements, earnings calls, award ceremonies, and Q&A sessions. All the details can be found on TechCrunch.

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