This Month in Marketing: Marketing Lessons from the Fyre Festival Docs, The Changing OTT & Sports Landscape, and More!

| January 31, 2019

The latest news from the marketing world, including lessons from the Fyre Festival, the emerging relationship between Sports and OTT, and more!

The Changing OTT & Sports Landscape
A new report from eMarketer reveals that with changing viewing habits, more and more viewers are now watching live sporting events via OTT Streaming and are increasingly viewing on standalone services such as MLB.TV to NFL’s Sunday Ticket. The full report can be found here.

When Marketing Turns Into a Meme
Even the best marketing campaigns can turn into a meme. As we saw this week with fitness brand Peloton, Twitter can turn anything into a meme. Despite the sarcastic theme, the bright side is that the meme only helps improve brand recognition, and by going viral, the brand is able to reach a new audience. The Daily Dot has collected the best memes to hit Twitter.

The First-Ever ASMR Ad to Debut for Super Bowl
Could this be the next big trend in advertising? Michelob has released the first-ever ASMR ad that features Zoe Kravitz whispering in nature and features the soothing sound of a beer pouring into a glass. If ASMR’s popularity on YouTube is any indication, we could see more TV ads created like this in the future. Marketing Drive has the full story.

–> Need help with your Super Bowl Ads? The TMS Experts have a few tips you can use. Check it out on the TMS Blog.

What Did You Learn from Hulu’s Fyre Festival Documentary?
In case you haven’t been on social media this month, both Hulu and Netflix released documentaries on the infamous disaster that was Fyre Festival. If you watch the docs with your marketing hat on (the Hulu one in particular), you’ll learn that even without a product to sell, one major marketing campaign can change lives. More interesting takeaways for marketers can be found on the Business2Community blog.

ICYMI: Google Announces 3 New Display Ad Features
Google has added three new features, now available for Display Ads on the platform. These features include: Dynamic Prospecting, a tool that shows a product feed to interested shoppers based on past online behaviors; an Audience Expansion tool to increase your brand’s reach and thousands of new segments for custom intent audiences have been added; and thousands of new segments for custom intent audiences have been added. All the details are on the Google Blog.

Instagram Now Allows You to Post to Multiple Accounts at Once
In what could be a big time-saver for marketing departments, the social network now allows users to “self regram” and post the same messaging and content across multiple accounts, such as the brand’s account, as well as an influencer’s account. Tech Crunch has all the details here.

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