Second Chances on Second Screens: Complementing TV With Digital

| November 27, 2018

A new study shows that more and more TV viewers aren’t just watching TV – they’re also on other devices simultaneously. Are these evolving habits hurting or helping your advertising efforts?

Today, nearly 90 percent of television viewers are simultaneously turning to another device while watching their favorite content. Can you blame them?

According to a new study from Viant, in 2018 the average household has 13 connected devices available to use at any given time. There’s a TV in nearly every room of the house, everyone has a smartphone, there’s tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and gaming consoles – all competing for a consumer’s attention.

What is the average consumer doing on these devices?

While they’re watching TV, the stats show they’re browsing the internet, checking social media, reading emails, catching up on news, playing games, and shopping online.

As an advertiser, this means it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to grab a consumer’s attention with TV ads alone. In fact, 82 percent of marketers agree that second screens are limiting TV advertising success.

But it doesn’t have to be that way – the second screen can help your business. The Viant study found that people exposed to TV ads, and then retargeted on a companion device within three hours, were 72 percent more likely to convert within a day.

How do you capture your audience on the second, third, or even fourth screen?

Over-the-Top Advertising

OTT ads appear alongside premium full-episode content, both live and on-demand, across top tier OTT distribution platforms, such as Sling TV.

Email Marketing

Use Targeted Email to complement TV efforts, reach in-market shoppers across multiple devices, drive traffic to your website, and measure ROI through a transparent Match-Back Reporting system.

Search Advertising

An average 3.5 billion Google searches are performed each day. Search Advertising, also known as PPC, enables you to target consumers at the exact moment they search for the products and services you provide.

Social Media Advertising

Social Advertising reinforces messaging through social channels to drive well-targeted prospects to conversion through clear calls-to-action, creative copy, and beautiful visuals.


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