Marketing March Madness Bracket: Which Strategies Make Your Final Four?  

| March 06, 2019

With the NCAA Tournament quickly approaching, what marketing strategies will make your brand a champion?

Last year’s NCAA Tournament was a huge success for marketers. There were more than 97 million viewers in 180 countries watching the Final Four, 10 million streaming viewers, and 69.7 million impressions from official March Madness social content.

How will you reach this wide audience?

Similar to the NCAA Basketball tournament brackets you fill out every year at the office, marketing strategies can be full of madness, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. NCAA brackets start with 68 teams and over the course of 19 days, narrow down to one champion. We’ve all had brackets that have been a bust, and marketing campaigns can be the same. They can start with 68 tactics and, through data get narrowed down to one championship run.

What marketing strategies will help you win the tournament? Here’s our Final Four.

Linear Broadcast

More than 97 million people in 180 countries watched The Final Four last year. Pair that with TEGNA’s ability to reach more than 50 million Americans via 49 stations in 41 markets, and it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to run ads next to March Madness broadcast coverage. Our Linear Broadcast solution allows advertisers to attract attention to their brand while aligning content with TEGNA’s award-winning and trusted, high-quality local news, lifestyle and local interest programming. Find out what Linear Broadcast can do, specifically for your brand.



Over-the-Top Streaming

Up 28 percent from 2017, The Final Four amassed 10 million streaming viewers in 2018. Pair that with our OTT solution that reaches a sports audience on more than 125+ top tier streaming content providers, and it’s also a hard opportunity to pass up (especially if campaigns are integrated with Linear Broadcast for maximum reach). Over-the-Top streaming can also reach sports fans by placing ads during the local news, which is where people go to watch highlights and game recaps. Find out how your brand can reach a fast-growing streaming sports audience.


Social Media Advertising

As a sports fan, talking about the game is just as important as watching the game – and nearly 70 million impressions from official March Madness social content proves just that. In fact, aside from March Madness, 80 percent of sports fans interact with social media sites while watching games on TV – from watching highlights, looking up stats, or chatting with other fans.

Better yet, any business can join the conversation with a combination of informative articles, ads, and special events to help reach and interact with your sports-loving community. Find out how your brand can capture attention with Social Advertising.



Targeted Email Marketing

With an ROI of $44 for every $1 spent, Email Marketing is the “and one” to tie all other solutions together. A solid email marketing strategy can not only increase sales but reinforces content marketing, and stats show that email subscribers are three times more likely to share content on social media versus leads from other channels.



Enlist The Professionals at TEGNA Marketing Solutions

From Over-the-Top streaming and Linear Broadcast to Social Media and Email, TEGNA Marketing Solutions has your business covered with a team of all-stars that take the time to understand your unique marketing needs. Our customized solutions are based on industry insights and expertise to connect your business to the audiences that matter most. Click here draft TEGNA Marketing Solutions for a winning Tournament.

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