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| July 02, 2018

Even the best blogs need a boost to get in front of the right eyes. By sending your relevant content to your fans via email, not only will you be providing valuable content to stay top of mind, you’ll also improve your organic search ranking factors, which will allow for your site to perform well within SERPs.

You’re following all the rules. You’ve got great content using SEO best practices, but website traffic isn’t where you expected it to be. Even with best practices in place, sometimes content needs a little extra boost to solidify your rock star status. Here at TEGNA Marketing, that boost is known as Email Amplification.

It turns out, the emails your brand sends don’t need to focus solely on sales, contests or promotions. Email is also a great way to promote original content, as email marketing drives more conversions than both search and social. In fact, you’re six times more likely to get a click through from email than you are from a tweet.

What makes Email Amplification so special?

Reach an interested & engaged audience

Targeted email campaigns aim to reach an audience that is likely to engage with your content, then convert. The audience is targeted through a number of factors, such as location, demographics and buying behavior. Because they are specifically targeted, the audience is very likely to interact with your content.

Better SEO with increased traffic

The more links to your content that you send out, the more website visitors you’ll have to engage with the content, which contributes to higher site authority. It helps to have an interested and engaged audience, as they tend to click and comment often, spend more time on the website, have a low bounce rate, and often view multiple pages. All of these factors positively influence a site’s SEO rankings.

However, keep in mind that search engine spiders don’t crawl or index emails. Therefore, using keywords in email body copy won’t make a difference in your SEO strategy.

Provide value to stay top of mind

Let’s say you’re an orthopedic surgeon in the Los Angeles area. Baseball season is in full swing. The Dodgers’ All-Star shortstop and 2016 NL Rookie of the Year, Corey Seager, needs season-ending Tommy John surgery. As a result of the injury, you’re hearing patients ask, “what is Tommy John surgery anyway?” As an expert, this presents a perfect opportunity to write a blog post explaining everything there is to know about Tommy John surgery.

Email recipients might not have been actively searching for this information, but when they see this relevant and timely blog post in their inbox, they’re provided with a value that keeps the brand at top of mind.

High ROI & measurable results

A 2017 eMarketer study found that with a return of $40 for each $1 spent, the average ROI for email marketing is 122%, which is four times higher than all other digital marketing areas. Thanks to extensive reporting capabilities included in TEGNA’s Insights Dashboard and other email marketing platforms, you’ll be able to easily measure these metrics to see just how well a specific campaign or email performed to calculate your ROI.

About TEGNA 

TEGNA now offers Email Amplification through Brand Building. Our marketing pros handle everything from content creation to email deployment, making sure the campaign works towards your marketing goals and that you have every option available to find marketing success. Click here to learn more.

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