In the News: Removal of Fake Facebook Profiles Leads to Better Ad Transparency

| July 16, 2018

Facebook has now disabled 1.27 billion fake accounts – somewhere between three and four percent of its total monthly users.

Back in June, Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg announced new Facebook efforts to provide as much transparency as possible for both Ads and Pages.

“We want to reduce bad ads. We want to make sure that people understand what they’re seeing, who paid for it, and the fullness of what other people might see.”

As part of these efforts, Facebook has now disabled 1.27 billion fake accounts – somewhere between three and four percent of its total monthly users. This is good news for Facebook users, as they’ll no longer see irrelevant ads from “bad businesses.

From an advertiser’s perspective, it’s good news as fake profiles will no longer be represented in analytics and billing, resulting in better data that provides a clearer picture of ad campaign results. The measure also helps to ensure that ads are placed in front of the best possible prospects. Advertisers could very well see an increase in effectiveness of their ads, thanks to a cleaned up audience made up of valid member accounts.

Earlier in June, Facebook added the ability for unhappy customers to complain about bad shopping experiences on the platform via the Ad Activity Page or via notifications. Read more on how Facebook is fighting fraud with its new ad policies, on the TEGNA Marketing blog.

Meanwhile, Twitter also announced on July 11, that it too will be deleting locked accounts so that users “have confidence that the numbers are meaningful and accurate.” The platform, however, warned that the numbers of followers an account have may experience a significant decrease.


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