Google Marketing Live: 7 New Products We’re Excited About

| July 11, 2018

Didn’t get a chance to catch Google’s keynote? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about Google Marketing’s new releases.

Today’s digital landscape is very different from what it was five years ago. Digital is no longer the underdog. Consumers have also transformed to be more curious, and because they depend on marketers to get them connected to the products and services they need, they’ve come to expect their ad experiences to be personal, relevant to their needs, valuable – and it all needs to happen in a snap.

To adapt to the changes, Google announced a rebranding of AdWords to Google Marketing Platform earlier this month. On July 10th, it announced even more changes to meet the marketing and advertising needs of small businesses across the country.

Didn’t get a chance to catch Google’s keynote? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about Google Marketing’s new releases.

Responsive Search Ads

Google Search Ads now use the power of machine learning to deliver relevant ads to those who are looking for what you have to offer, and are providing interactive experiences with Responsive Search Ads. These new ad types allow Google to mix and match headlines and descriptions to find out which combination will best resonate with your target audience.

All the marketer needs to do is provide Google with 15 headlines and four description lines. Google will then build the most effective combinations based on what is most relevant to the searcher.

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Landing Page Speed Score

Half of all smartphone users won’t make a purchase if a site takes too long to load. If landing pages don’t load quickly, it could have a dramatic impact on sales. Enter the Landing Page Speed Score feature. Updated daily, this score is on a 10-point scale and will tell you page speed and conversion rate. You can then use this data to identify which pages are taking *forever* to load, and prioritize which pages to fix. You can also utilize Accelerate Mobile Pages, also known as AMP, which is another Google tool to help improve landing page site speed.

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Cross-Device Reporting & Remarketing in analytics

Now you can measure the full value of your marketing dollars across channels and devices with this new analytics feature. Cross-Device Reporting allows you to combine data from people who visit your site multiple times from different devices. It’s a small change, but it provides a big opportunity to assess the value of each of your customers. For example, if someone spends $200 on your products online and $200 in-store, you’ll know that customer is worth the same amount as someone who spends $400 online.

→ TEGNA marketing experts are Google Analytics certified and ready to help your small business make sense of the data your campaigns deliver. Find out how we can help you run a successful digital marketing campaign.

Local Campaigns

In the last year, searches for “near me” have risen dramatically – three times in the last two years to be exact. On top of that, 80 percent of shoppers still go to the store when they want an item immediately. Local Campaigns are a new campaign type that aims to drive in-store traffic exclusively by optimizing ads across Google Maps, Place Pages, and Display. Store visits have also been added as a goal in Smart Shopping Campaigns, along with new customer acquisitions.

TrueView YouTube Ads

YouTube is one of the largest video destinations in the world with 1.9 billion monthly users watching billions of hours of video. YouTube viewers aren’t just there for entertainment. They’re also looking for information to help make better purchasing decisions. In fact, 70 percent of YouTube campaigns increase in-store sales.

With that in mind, Google created three new ad formats you can use to reach a target audience. TrueView for Reach ads help raise awareness among a broad audience. TrueView for Action ads are optimized for conversions and nudge the user toward a goal, such as “Learn More,” “Book Now,” or “Buy Now.” Meanwhile, the new Maximize Lift Building tool uses machine learning to target the people most likely to interact with your brand.

→ TEGNA marketing experts are kept up-to-date on best practices to utilize all the new tools YouTube has available. Learn how you can run a successful YouTube ad campaign with TEGNA.

Smart Campaigns

Nearly half of small businesses don’t have a website. Those that do, don’t have the know-how to create landing pages to match ad creative. Smart Campaigns are auto-optimized landing pages that use machine learning to find new customers and drive results from calling the store for more information to driving in-store traffic. Smart Campaigns integrate with common e-commerce platforms like Shopify, and are three times better at getting your ads in front of the right audiences.

Automated Feeds for Shopping Ads & other enhancements

Shopping ads require an inventory feed and merchant accounts, which have always been difficult and costly to manage. New Automated Feeds for Shopping Ads will crawl an advertiser’s website and build a feed of your inventory, making it easier than ever to upload product data. These shopping enhancements are not yet available but will be rolled out in 2018.


The marketing experts at TEGNA stay on top of Google’s new releases and features to ensure we connect our clients to the audiences that matter most. TEGNA delivers proven results through simplified advertising solutions and combining the power of our local trusted brands, insights, creative and multimedia platforms to ensure you have every option available to find marketing success. Contact TEGNA Marketing today.

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