Google Marketing Live: 5 New Digital Google Ad Products We’re Excited to See

| May 22, 2019

Discovery Ads, Gallery Ads, Deep Linking, and App Management. What are they and what do they mean for Digital Advertising? Here’s everything you need to know from this year’s Google Marketing Live event.

Consumer behaviors and expectations are always changing. The path to purchase is never linear and is always unique to each individual consumer. On top of that, consumers have come to expect relevant ad experiences, and they want them created with their privacy in mind. They want to know what data of theirs is being collected, how it is being used, and rightfully so.

With the new products and features announced at this week’s Google Marketing Live event, reaching new consumers while meeting their individual needs, wants, and privacy requirements will be easier than ever.

Here’s a rundown on the new releases at the event commonly referred to the Super Bowl for Google Ads, and what they mean for your brand.

Discovery Ads

Google discovered that 76 percent of consumers enjoy making unexpected discoveries when they’re shopping. What’s more, 85 percent will take a product-related action within 24 hours if that product meets their needs. Recognizing these popular trends, Google created Discovery Ads.

With a wide reach, consumers will see Google’s new Discovery Ads as a swipeable series of image carousels at the top of search results. They’re designed to drive action when consumers are actively searching online, and are ready to discover new things and are open to relevant ad experiences.

Discovery Ads will be available later this year.

Gallery Ads

It comes as no surprise that 75 percent of smartphone users expect immediate information when looking up information on mobile. Google’s new Gallery Ads (available later this year) combine search with an interactive and visual ad format to better highlight a brand.

Gallery Ads sit at the top of search results and provide a scrollable image gallery with headlines, taglines, and a click-through to the brand’s website or app. All these factors combine to reduce the amount of work the consumer has to do in order to learn about a brand’s product or service – meeting a consumer’s immediate needs.

Deep Linking & App Management

As a consumer, have you ever arrived at a brand’s website when you really wanted to open the app instead? As more consumers use apps to complete purchases, marketers needed separate campaigns to drive traffic to the app versus the website.

With Deep Linking and App Management, marketers only need one campaign to cover both properties. Even better, new reporting capabilities allow tying in in-app purchases to Google Analytics, properly giving credit to the ads that drove traffic there.

Smart Bidding

Google knows that business owners know their business better than anyone and that not all campaign goals are treated equally. Now, with Smart Bidding and Machine Learning, Google introduced its Maximize Conversion Value strategy, which uses insights to inform bidding strategies to deliver the best results.

Within the Maximize Conversion Value strategy, there are three new ways to deliver the most relevant ads to the people looking for specific products and services: Campaign Level Conversions; Conversion Action Sets; and Conversion Value Rules. All of which let advertisers use outside insights to inform Smart Bidding.

Bumper Machine

Consumer attention spans are increasingly short, as data shows that six-second ads have better recall and purchase intent when compared to their longer counterparts. While most brands have focused on 15-or-30-second spots, coming up with shorter ads can be a challenge that can take a big budget.

Enter Bumper Machine. All an advertiser has to do is enter a YouTube link and Google will develop a series of three-to-four six-second ads you could use on digital channels. Although the creative might be low budget with Bumper Machine, it can still inspire more creative ideas and give a good starting place when beginning with digital video.

Like all the other products announced at the event, Bumper Machine also uses Machine Learning and provides the ability to reach custom audiences based on the campaign’s objectives.

Bonus: Local Campaigns Released Worldwide

After beta testing yielded some impressive results, Local Campaigns are now available to everyone. Designed to drive foot traffic to business locations, these ads are served across Google’s Search, Maps, the websites in its network, and YouTube.

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