Fantasy Draft Guide: 7 Marketing Strategies for a Winning NFL Season

| August 20, 2018

We’ve put together a strategy guide for drafting a “fantasy marketing team” that could … go … all … the … way.

Are you ready for some football? The NFL season is set to kick off Thursday, Sept. 6. That means millions of fans across the country (an average 14.9 million in 2017) will be tuned-in, in a variety of ways, to watch their favorite teams each and every week.

As an advertiser, are you tuned-in enough to reach them?

We’ve put together a draft strategy guide for your “fantasy marketing team” that could … go … all … the … way. From bringing in new customers to building lifelong fans, TEGNA has all marketing the X’s and O’s to take you to the Super Bowl.

Round 1: Over-the-Top (OTT) Advertising

Over-the-Top streaming viewership is growing fast. There’s currently 59.5 million Americans streaming OTT content, and that number is expected to rise to 194.4 million by 2021.

Over-the-Top advertising allows a business to reach the sports audience by placing ads within games that are being watched via the internet on streaming devices. OTT can also reach sports fans by placing ads during the local news, which is where people go to watch highlights and game recaps.

Think of Over-the-Top advertising like the Steelers’ wide receiver Antonio Brown, you want him as the first pick. He’s fast, he’s flashy, he’s growing, and he’s guaranteed to get at least a few touchdowns.

Round 2: Linear Broadcast Advertising

During the 2017 NFL season, TV ad revenue grew 16 percent from the 2016 season, bringing in millions for the automotive ($748.2 million), insurance ($285.9 million), communications ($268.2 million), and restaurant ($202.4 million) verticals.

Like five-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady, time and time again Linear Broadcasting Advertising has been able to deliver results to help increase a business’ value. By placing ads within the TEGNA network on local channels, before, during, and after the game – you’re able to reach an audience in San Francisco rooting for the 49ers, or in New York rooting for the Giants.

The quarterback/wide receiver relationship is one that supports the efforts of each other, and OTT and Linear Broadcasting can be thought of the same way – great teammates. Learn more about how OTT and Linear complement each other on the TEGNA Marketing Blog.

Who knows, maybe you could get Tom Brady to star in your ads …

Round 3: YouTube Advertising

During the Rio 2016 Olympics, viewers watched over 40 million hours of related content on YouTube, seeking out more information on their favorite athletes and events. During the same time, when paired with broadcast ads, advertisers were able to increase their reach by 42 percent.

Like Rams’ running back Todd Gurley, YouTube advertising is going to be hard to ignore in 2018. By placing ads on the world’s largest video platform, advertisers are able to reach a large, interested, and engaged audience, placing the business top of mind and in the end zone.

Round 4: Social Media Marketing

As a sports fan, talking about the game is just as important about watching the game. In fact, 80 percent of sports fans interact with social media sites while watching games on TV. They could be doing anything from chatting about the game with other fans, looking at highlights, or searching for more information about an athlete, upcoming game or event.

Think of your social media strategy like Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald – a proven, well-rounded veteran who is highly active within the local community. Any business can join the conversation with a combination of informative articles, ads, and special events to help reach and interact with your sports-loving community.

Round 5: Email Marketing

From the welcome email to progressive profiling emails, review generation, and timely announcements, like Arizona Cardinals’ running back David Johnson, email marketing can cover a lot of ground while complementing ALL other marketing strategies.

A solid email marketing strategy can not only increase sales but reinforces content marketing and SEO strategies, and stats show that email subscribers are three times more likely to share content on social media versus leads from other channels. Email marketing also offers a very high ROI, as for every $1 spent, $44 is returned.

Round 6: Brand Building & Reputation Management

Nearly, 97 percent of consumers read online reviews before buying, and 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. You’ll need a good role model with a good reputation to defend your brand, much like Houston Texans’ defensive end J.J. Watt. Like NFL teams having a good defense, you’ll need reputation management if you want to win.

When used with SEO, content marketing, and local listings, you’ll have a cost-effective Brand Building strategy that offers long-term vision and attracts attention while allowing your business to connect and engage with prospects and customers.


Bonus Round: Coach Taylor in your corner

If TEGNA Marketing was a football team, our motto would be “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” From OTT, Linear, and YouTube to Social Media, Email, and Brand Building, we’ve got your business covered with a team of all-stars that take the time to understand your unique marketing needs. Our customized solutions are based on industry insights and expertise to connect your business to the audiences that matter most. Click here to draft TEGNA Marketing for a winning season.

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