Does it Spark Joy? 5 Marketing Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Marie Kondo Proud

| April 24, 2019

Does your marketing campaign spark joy for your viewers, customers, and brand? Marie Kondo your marketing with these best practice tips to get your campaigns organized, decluttered, and sparking joy.

In a world with so many channels to reach consumers – TV, OTT, social media, digital banner ads, and email (just to name a few) – it’s easy for consumers to tune out among all the clutter. How can you get them to tune in?

It’s Marie Kondo time.

Thrift stores around the country have reported double-digit increases in the number of donations since Marie Kondo’s Netflix show debuted on January 1. Cleaning up your marketing strategies Marie Kondo-style could see similar results. All you have to do is ask yourself, “Do my campaigns spark joy for my viewers, my customers, and my brand?”

It’s time to get organized, decluttered, and refreshed as we head into spring. Here are a few best practice tips to spark joy for your viewers, your customers, and your brand.

  1. Create a Pile. Step one in the Marie Kondo method is to put everything in a pile at the very beginning of the process. Doing so lets you assess everything you have – good, bad, new, and old. The next step is to go through each item one by one and see if it sparks joy. If the answer is no, then thank that item for its service and let it go. Next, the items you keep will need to be organized.
  2. Get Organized. There’s a proper way to fold shirts so you have an easy overview of what you could wear on any given day. There are also several proper ways to organize campaign assets and workflows. This list of organizational tools from Hubspot sparks joy when developing, creating and sharing creative ideas and effective workflows. 
  3. Invest in Joy. Are you missing out on a Linear Broadcast audience? Is your Facebook strategy generating the results you want? Go through your data and find the ROI of each campaign tactic. If there are strategies not sparking ROI joy, say thank you then move on and invest in more areas that spark joy.
  4. Downsize & Declutter. Frustrated with email open rates? The subscribers that don’t open, click, or otherwise engage with your emails don’t spark joy. Drowning in data? Don’t spend time measuring metrics that don’t matter. Is your website outdated? Don’t be afraid to take down or old blog posts, webpages, YouTube videos that are no longer relevant or outdated to what you offer.
  5. April Showers Bring May Flowers. A creative brainstorm is in order. Get in a good place and unleash as many of your ideas in a creative downpour. You can also dust off an old campaign and repurpose it – a campaign that previously performed well doesn’t have to be one-and-done. Refreshen and update copy, change color schemes or add new assets such as digital video and you’ve got a campaign that’s as good as new.



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