TEGNA at IAB NewFronts: What to Expect in our New Partnership With Arrivalist

TEGNA Attribution has been a game-changer for many of our clients. But now in a new partnership with Arrivalist, a travel and tourism visitation intelligence company, we will take measuring outcomes one step further with what Ktimene Axetell calls, “data you’ve never seen before.”

“Forever and ever our clients have known that advertising works, but haven’t been entirely sure which exact tactics, targeting, and programs are driving which outcomes,” says Jessica Daigle, VP of Sales Intelligence at TEGNA.  

That’s where TEGNA Attribution comes into play.  

This first-to-market approach measures outcomes for TV and OTT using advanced closed-loop attribution to capture data that can tell you if someone arrived at your destination, or landed on your website, as a result of seeing your ad campaign. 

TEGNA Attribution has been a game-changer for many of our clients. But now in a new partnership with Arrivalist, a travel and tourism visitation intelligence company, we will take measuring outcomes one step further with what Ktimene Axetell calls, “data you’ve never seen before.” 

Announced at this year’s IAB NewFrontsthis new partnership with Arrivalist means our clients can now expect new data points and a multi-dimensional view on all aspects of visitation to a physical place. 

“Where visitors are coming from, how long they’re staying, what media messages are working, and how that performance is geographically,” explains Axetell, Vice President of Insights at Arrivalist.  

Should I target more in Chattanooga or more in Nashville? Which campaign is performing more efficiently? Where are we getting more volume? Where are we really moving the needle? Those are the kind of metrics and data points that clients can expect, says Axetell.  

Why is that important for our clients? 

“As we continue to invest in Attribution technology solutions, Arrivalist will allow us to share the real-world outcomes that others don’t see, and will continue to drive innovation in the Travel & Tourism category,” says Matt Ginn, Director of Enterprise at TEGNA.  

Wnow have the ability to measure results based on real-world outcomes – how many arrivals they had from their campaign,” Ginn said.  We also now have the ability to optimize the media strategy accordingly based on creative efficiency, arrival time period, and geographic location.” 

“This is a huge leap forward in advertising for those who have not worked with a company like TEGNA that provides attribution. I think at the end of the day, it’s really eye-opening,” says Daigle. “Furthermore, it creates an environment where you can test and iterate and optimize to get every single dollar working as hard for you as humanly possible.”  


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I knew going with TEGNA and WTOL was the right call, just on the level of information they can provide and the measurement tools to prove whether a campaign is successful or not.

Heleen Sheets, Director of Marketing & Communications, Lourdes University

“Working together, serving together has been one of our mottos, and we’ve been able to do that with WXIA for years.”

Maurice Baker, Manager of Community Relations, Georgia Natural Gas

In our work with TEGNA, we’ve been able to customize integrated marketing solutions using their technology, products, and services. TEGNA understands and supports our approach, working with us to determine what will work best for each individual clients’ needs, and then combining their resources with our expertise to develop solutions that ultimately meet clients’ expectations, and at times exceed, the highest return that we could expect.

Rick Defaut, Stern Advertising

TEGNA’s helped my dealership go from a top 20 dealership to the #1 dealership in Dallas.

Trey Russell, General Sales Manager, Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford Carrollton

We’re just selling more cars now, and being able to really attract new buyers to the Audi brand through using TEGNA and KGW, has been a game-changer for us.

Josh Kampmann, General Manager, Audi of Wilsonville

“As a result of our Partnership with TEGNA, we’ve seen a substantial increase in our website traffic, and we’re receiving a lot more stories. We have also seen an increase in our social media following – which has really helped us get our message out – and we know it is a direct result of our relationship with TEGNA.”

Natalye Paquin, President and CEO, Points Of Light

“TV has been incredibly effective for us. It’s helped us position ourselves as a leading brand in the Denver marketplace. It’s really been instrumental in helping us be successful.”

Phil O’Dell, Director of Marketing, Lifetime Windows and Siding

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