TEGNA at IAB NewFronts: 5 Things You Need to Know About The Local Renaissance

It’s no secret America is undergoing incredible shifts in consumer behavior. These trends have consumers increasingly invested in their communities. They’ve led to a “local renaissance.” One that only TEGNA can connect you to.

By Monica Longoria, Sr. Insights Strategist at TEGNA

From consumption habits to migration patterns to how we all interact with each other, America is changing. It’s all happening in local communities across the country, and no matter where you’re from, in 2020 we saw consumers grow increasingly invested in their community. 

  • Local TV news viewership spiked with COVID-19 and social unrest news, reaching 54% of US adults. Those working remotely have an even higher level of engagement with local TV news at 64% (Nielsen Local Watch Report, October 2020). 
  • 46% of those who move into new neighborhoods are planning to get more involved with local events compared to their old community (neighbor.com). 
  • 56% of consumers are shopping more locally during the pandemic, 84% of which plan to continue doing so long term (Accenture). 

This combination of trends has given birth to a “local renaissance” and an audience who’s choosing local first. This audience is passionate about where they live and are engaged in making their communities stronger. Consumers are adopting a new “local social currency” that’s driving a greater need for important local content, positive, local impact, and long-awaited human connection. 

 In order to reach this audience, here’s how TEGNA can help.  

1. Align yourself with a trusted information source.
The IAB found that consumers trust their preferred news sources more than most other sources, especially consumers of traditional news. When brands advertise in news content, they benefit from increased brand trust and consumer intent. Local audiences trust TEGNA for accurate information that keeps their families safe and helps them plan their lives. At the heart of our commitment is our signature VERIFY content initiative designed to combat disinformation and help audiences separate fact from fiction. VERIFY is seeing exponential growth across our properties and platforms like YouTube and Snapchat. In 2021, we’re taking VERIFY national. 

2. Connect with diverse communities through local initiatives. Consumers are demanding to see themselves better represented in advertising. A study from Facebook found that campaigns with more diverse representation tend to have higher ad recall, and 59% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that support diversity and inclusion. At TEGNA, we connect with diverse populations through sponsor-able local programs. A great example is our Voices for Equality program, which allows brands to showcase their dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion in local communities.

3. Connect to communities of passion. Nothing brings communities together like local sports, which is one reason TEGNA is so proud to welcome Locked On to our family. Locked On is the leading podcast network for local sports, with daily podcasts for every NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL team as well as major college sports teams. Locked On produces 160 podcasts and in 2020 attracted eight million listens a month and more than 80 million downloads. In 2021, TEGNA’s bringing Locked On to streaming with an all-new video strategy designed for sports fans.  

4. Reach local communities anywhere in the US with Premion. With Premion, TEGNA brings the industry’s first and leading provider of local OTT to local and regional advertisers of all sizes, across all categories. We deliver access to premium OTT inventory from 125+ branded networks with advanced targeting and performance insights. Today, Premion is delivering billions of impressions, tens of thousands of campaigns, for thousands of advertisers in all 210 DMAs. We focus on brand-safe, high-quality premium inventory, so that means no open exchanges and we’re not limited by walled gardens, geographies, or subscriptions. We’ve achieved the TAG Certified Against Fraud seal for OTT ad fraud protection. This is a validation of our strategy of directly sourcing inventory from premium publishers and using cutting-edge fraud technology.   

5. Track success with TEGNA Attribution. Today, TEGNA Attribution is the most complete solution on the market, measuring outcomes for TV and OTT. We’re on the cutting-edge of tech in this space, using advanced closed-loop attribution (NOT spike analysis!) to measure website visitation (including web leads), location visitation, and TV/OTT reach extension. With the data we capture, we can drill into specific programs or audience targets that generate the best lift in performance.

Our market-leading insights helped us deliver more than 7,000 attribution campaigns across a variety of verticals. These include auto, where we’ve seen approximately 11-1 new car ROI, and furniture, where we’ve delivered a $19 cost per showroom visit. Last year alone, we captured tens of billions of impressions, 19 million website visits, and 11 million location visits.

In a new partnership with Polk Automotive Solutions and Arrivalist, we are now offering Automotive and Tourism advertisers advanced industry-specific metrics and outcomes. Our auto advertisers will know how many car sales their campaign generated and details on individual rooftops, competitors, make, model, and ROI.  For our tourism clients, we can now report on arrivals to your destination, days to arrival, distance to arrival, and more. 

You need partners who know local better than anyone else to deliver local relevance at scale. That’s us. We help you reach whatever community you want on whatever platform they turn to. Come be part of the local renaissance. 

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