How Health Care Brands Can Reach New Audiences with Broadcast, OTT and TEGNA Attribution

With vaccines on everyone’s mind today, the coming months will see a surge in patients seeking care and treatment for things they put off during the pandemic. Is your health care brand prepared?

As vaccines roll out across the country, research from the CDC found that 90% of patients say that as the pandemic eases, they will seek health care services they delayed in 2020.  

What does this mean for your health care brand?  

According to recent data from Harris Poll, the consumers that are most likely to be skipping both general and specialist care are educated with a high household income,” said Monica Longoria, Senior Insights Strategist at TEGNA. “These desirable patients need to hear from providers that their practice is safe and be reminded of the importance of proactive health care.” 

To effectively communicate to this audience, running campaigns with a combination of broadcast, OTT, and digital elements with TEGNA can achieve these brand goals. Data from MRI-Simmons helps illustrate how 

  • – 74% of health care specialist believers are local TV news viewers  
  • – 55% are OTT viewers and are 16% more likely to be influenced by video ads    

“The duel strategy of local broadcast + OTT will maximize the impact of your advertising campaign,” Longoria explained. “With local broadcast, you’re strengthening brand perception by aligning with a source of authority that consumers trust. With OTT, you can directly target those in the market for your services no matter where they watch TV.”   

Texas MedClinic: A Success Story 

This dual strategy worked well in 2020 for one urgent care facility with 15 locations in San Antonio. Texas MedClinic wanted to publically recognize the mental health impacts COVID was having on families and offer expert advice on coping. To amplify this message, this urgent care clinic teamed with KENS5 and Sales Marketing Manager Kim Chance.  

Texas MedClinic knew that people were struggling during the pandemic, not only just being cooped up in the house, but just trying to make sense of what was happening and the mental stress that came with it,” said Chance. “Even though they only deal with physical health, they wanted to do something that would really help people from a mental health perspective.” 

That’s where the idea of Living Well comes in.  

Living Well segments provide education to inform patients and prospective patients with mental wellness tips to help cope with stress and anxiety during the pandemic. The campaign was instrumental in keeping audiences informed with the latest, trustworthy information with vignettes, on broadcast and OTT, and on Facebook 

“Dr. David Gude is the face of the campaign, and he’s a very well-respected physician here in San AntonioThe messages he delivers are coming from a place of authority and caring,” said Chance. “Whether it’s making sure you’re connecting with your loved onesgetting outside for fresh air and sunshineand even humming to relax your mind, Texas MedClinic is showing how much they care.

The campaign has seen some pretty amazing results, which were measured by our TEGNA Attribution solution. With TEGNA Attribution, Texas MedClinic was able to see who viewed the Living Well campaign and then visited their website to get more information. 

Texas MedClinic presents itself as an ally in living well and maintaining a healthy life. When times of urgent need arise, Texas MedClinic wants residents to know that they’ll be there for them – and KENS 5 is helping deliver that message.


If you’re looking to amplify your health care brand to a targeted audience, get in touch.

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Natalye Paquin, President and CEO, Points Of Light

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In our work with TEGNA, we’ve been able to customize integrated marketing solutions using their technology, products, and services. TEGNA understands and supports our approach, working with us to determine what will work best for each individual clients’ needs, and then combining their resources with our expertise to develop solutions that ultimately meet clients’ expectations, and at times exceed, the highest return that we could expect.

Rick Defaut, Stern Advertising

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