How Local Broadcast, OTT & Digital Marketing Strategies Can Help Home Improvement Brands

With nine in 10 homeowners planning to make a renovation post-pandemic, now is the time for home improvement brands to think about how to reach this audience – just in time for spring cleaning.

The home improvement boom of 2020 isn’t quite over just yet. According to recent research from Houzz, nine in 10 homeowners plan to make a post-pandemic renovation. From transforming outdoor spaces to remodeling the master bathroom, consumers are still heavily focused on home improvement.    

What does this mean for your home improvement brand?  

“Consumers are more invested than ever in making their home fit their lifestyle. Home improvement won’t just be a springtime activity in 2021,” said Monica Longoria, Senior Insights Strategist at TEGNA. “These consumers will gain financial confidence in waves and you want your brand to be top of mind when they are ready to spend.”  

In order to be top of mind, home improvement brands need to be thinking about running campaigns with a combination of broadcast, OTT, and digital elements in order to reach an ideal audience.  

Data from MRI-Simmons helps illustrate how TEGNA’s mix of marketing solutions can achieve brand goals: 

  • – 62% of home improvement intenders are local TV news viewers 
  • – 45 percent are more likely to be influenced by TV ads   
  • – 84% are OTT viewers and are 104% more likely to be influenced by video ads   
  • They are 35% more likely to be influenced by display ads
  • – They are 83% more likely to be influenced by native ads

“The dual strategy of local broadcast and OTT will maximize the impact of your advertising campaign,” Longoria explained. “With local broadcast, you’re strengthening brand perception by aligning with a source of authority that consumers trust. With OTT, you can directly target those in the market for your services no matter where they watch TV.”  

Millennials will likely make up your target audience, as the numbers show that they’re willing to take on debt to fund their home upgrades and are planning to make eco-friendly home improvements this year. 

“Millenials are an especially desirable target for home improvement brands. They make up the majority of today’s home buyers and want to customize their newly purchased homes,” said Longoria.  

A Roofing Success Story With OTT 

One roofing company that has seen the power of OTT firsthand is Briggs RoofingThey worked with an agency, KYC, on creativeand then partnered with WUSA‘s Advertising & Marketing Specialist Gary Newman for amplification 

Our goal is to brand Briggs Roofing in front of the most relevant audience, which in this case is homeowners with a certain household income, Newman said. “When OTT is added to the advertising mix, it’s a game-changer for a lot of these companies.” 

Better yet, Newman was able to provide performance metrics throughout the campaign with TEGNA Attribution.  

“We were able to answer how many viewers engaged with their website after being exposed to their ads, what creative resonated with homeowners, and what days and times performed best so we could optimize media spend – and that was huge,” Newman said. “This strategy has been working and we’re seeing good results in terms of website traffic and the number of roofing jobs generated from their OTT campaign. 


Thinking of how you might amplify your brand to be top of mind and strengthen brand perception? Get in touch.    

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