TEGNA in Tampa: Prepping for the Super Bowl with News Anchor Ryan Bass 

| February 01, 2021

With the Super Bowl just days away, all eyes are on 10 Tampa Bay and TEGNA’s Ryan Bass. He is just one of the many talented journalists gearing up for the big game. Find out why he’s confident this will be the best Super Bowl ever – and what that means for your brand advertising.

Every year, the Super Bowl brings in millions of viewers – whether they want to watch the game, the halftime show, or all of the commercials. With all eyes on 10 Tampa Bay, WTSP anchor Ryan Bass will be there to capture and recount all of the game’s storyline’s twists and turns.  

In 2020, Bass was on-hand in Miami to witness Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the 49ers, and admits, “It was pretty cool to see Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs raise the Lombardi trophy while we were live on 10 Tampa Bay. We learned a lot, and I thought we provided our viewers with excellent coverage with a Tampa spin on it.” 

But this year, Bass is hoping for a slightly different outcome.  

“For the first time in NFL history, it’s the hometown team in the Super Bowl, at their own host stadium. There’s a lot of excitement for it,” Bass said. “And obviously, everybody wants to see Tom Brady raise his seventh Lombardi trophy – that’s more Lombardi’s in his trophy case than any franchise any NFL has in its history, so it’s pretty incredible.”  

Better yet, Bass is confident in the coverage WTSP will provide on such a big stage.  

“We’re more creative, we’re more innovative, we work harder, and we have a group of talented people here that are gearing up. Certainly, the week of the Super Bowl is going to be unlike any content you’ll find in the market and, quite frankly, across the country,” he said.  

“We’ve got the best and the brightest here, and I know that our viewers are going to feel not only informed, but they’re going to feel like they’re a part of everything that we offer with the Super Bowl.” He added, “I couldn’t be more proud to have the Super Bowl on 10 Tampa Bay this year and on our network. We’re going to shine, I’ll tell you what.” 

That could be due to the fact that Tampa Bay is no stranger to winning – especially in 2020. “We’ve been calling it Champa Bay,” Bass joked. The Lightning won the Stanley Cup from inside the NHL bubble in Canada. The Rays had an incredible run to the World Series, the Rowdies soccer team made it to their championship, and now the Bucs are looking to cap it all off.  

“Obviously, fans would have loved to be a part of it. They haven’t been able to because of COVID-19 protocols and restrictions, but I’ll tell you what, the passion, it hasn’t been subdued at all in this city. They’re excited,” he said.  “They can’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday, and hopefully we get another championship here in town, come February seventh.” 

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