All News is Not Created Equal: The Advantages of Local

| October 26, 2020

Forget about fake news. A new study from IAB finds that advertising in trusted news sources – like WXIA in Atlanta – makes consumers trust and like brands more. WXIA’s Nancy Barre discusses why local news advertising is brand safe, increases trust, and drives consumers to action – and why this is excellent news for advertisers.

By Nancy Barre, Local Sales Manager, WXIA 

The overuse of the term “fake news” may lead people to assume that advertising in news content will create negative associations for a brand. A new study from IAB and Magid Research demonstrates the opposite is true. Advertising in trusted news sources make consumers trust and like brands more

The study, The News Trust Halo: How Advertising in News Benefits Brands, draws the conclusion that advertising is brand safe, increases trust, and drives consumers to action. This is great news for advertisers.  

IAB Study Reveals Positive Sentiment with Advertising in News

The study revealed that almost half (47%) of consumers said that advertising in news increases their positive perceptions of brands, including believability, customer focus, and quality. Overall, 49% of consumers believe brands that advertise in the news are more relevant to them. Additionally, consumers who see a brand’s advertising on their favorite news outlets are:

  • – 45% more likely to visit the brand’s website or search for more information online 
  • – 43% are more likely to consider buying it 
  • – 41% more likely to talk about the brand with family or friends 

Local TV News Consumption & Engagement is Habit-Forming

The foundations for building a trusting relationship between the viewer and local TV news is based on engagement and relevance. While the IAB study offers these strong insights into news content in general, the implications for brands advertising in local television news are amplified. 

This is because viewers choose to engage with local TV news sources because of the relevance and proximity to what happens in their everyday lives. Viewers trust that their local TV news will bring them the information they need to go about their day. Viewers tune in regularly to content that matters to them when local TV news can be the answer to their questions.  

What happened in my community today, and how will that impact me? How should I prepare for today’s weather forecast? How will traffic affect my commute? When local TV News delivers on the promise to answer these questions for viewers, it builds trust and brings viewers back time and again in habit-forming daily patterns.   

Engagement Taken One Step Further 

Advertising in trusted local TV news takes engagement and relevance to the logical next step in offering the answers to other questions that arise in the viewer’s everyday lives. Questions like “Who can I trust to fix my HVAC system? Which is the best private injury firm in the city?” or “Where should I go to buy my next car?” are just a few examples.  

After all, local TV news viewers are also consumers. Combining the halo effect of advertising in a trusted news source with the ability to create the frequency of messages with daily local viewers can have a powerful impact on brands by driving both consumer connection and action.

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