5 Best Practices for Home Service Providers Marketing in the COVID-19 Era  

| July 30, 2020

The success of the home improvement industry in the first half of 2020 has proven that the more time people spend at home, the more they are getting items checked off the ‘honey-do’ list. How can your home services brand connect with this audience?  

Thanks to the rise of coronavirus, home improvement is becoming more popular. The home is now more than a home. It’s a space to work, a classroom, aentertainment space, and a place to relax. This sentiment is leading to inspiration for new home projects, tackling neglected jobs, and finding any good excuse to get off the couch. 

From garden to kitchen, bathroom to bedroom, windows to doors, and all the HVAC and plumbing in-between, how can your home services brand connect to an audience that is looking for exactly what your brand offers? The experts at TEGNA Marketing Solutions have come up with seven best practices to connect your brand with new clients and customers.   

1. Showcase your most aggressive offer EVER. Amid the financial uncertainty that comes with the pandemic, consumers are increasingly looking for ways to cut costs. Promoting aggressive offers for cost-saving services such as home insulation, or services that include financing options will resonate with audiences. Bonus points if you can promote being locally owned. 

2. Communicate safety procedures. Some services such as plumbing, electrical, roofing, and HVAC are considered essential businesses. Working through the pandemic is stressful, so it’s extremely important to communicate their safety protocols in fighting the spread of COVID-19. This can include:  

  • – Offer No-Contact Estimates through drones and Google Earth  
  • – No-Contact Service calls  
  • – Focus on Cleaning & Sanitizing Services  
  • – Show compelling visuals in the creative

3. Use broadcast TV in your marketing plan. TEGNA’s 63 local news stations in 51 markets offer a way for Home Service brands to communicate with as many new potential customers right now as possible. Ratings are high and costs are more affordable, leading to incredible efficiencies (CPM), and higher SOV. Home services brands often benefit from aligning with local news programming and Lifestyle shows as part of their marketing plan.  

 4. Incorporate CTV/OTT for precise targeting. More time at home means more people are watching streaming content. By advertising via OTT platforms, Home Services brands have the ability to drive leads and generate awareness among homeowners with extensive targeting capabilities.  

 5. Digital Solutions to extend reach. As the perfect complement to Broadcast and OTT marketing solutions, TEGNA’s digital platforms can also leverage its local brand’s websites and apps to help home service providers reinforce their messaging with consumers actively engaged online.


At TEGNA, we’re committed to serving the greater good of our communities. TEGNA Marketing Solutions is a one-stop-shop that helps businesses thrive through an unmatched suite of services and solutions that reach consumers across through linear broadcast, over-the-top streaming (OTT), and digital solutions. Click here to learn more.    

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