Ask the Expert: Why Topics are Better Than Keywords in SEO

| July 23, 2018

Effective SEO is more than just keywords – it’s about broad concepts, topics and ideas too.

By Collin Land, SEO Manager at TEGNA Marketing

Effective SEO is more than just keywords – it’s about broad concepts, topics and ideas too. TEGNA Marketing’s Brand Building product is structured so we don’t limit our clients to a specific number of keywords. Structuring an SEO strategy around a set number of keywords is an outdated strategy and leads to potentially missing out on other opportunities outside of those specific terms.

Instead, our Brand Building package lets clients choose Topics to drive their SEO optimizations. This allows our specialists to research high search volume keywords that fall within the broad topics that were identified. In doing this, we have the ability to target many different keywords and their semantic variations.

Example: Heating Services

Possible Keywords: heating repair, heater installation, heater maintenance, heating company, heating specialist, why is my heater not working, reliable heating technician, how often do I need my heater checked? Etc.

By focusing on high-volume topics, this allows our specialists to complete topic research on a monthly basis to help identify a few things:

  • Topics that are trending or have a high search volume.
  • Understand what specific keywords within the trending topic result in search traffic.
  • Ensure that content being created aligns with the client’s topics and is being optimized for high search volume keywords.

By utilizing this strategy, we are not only able to target broad topics as a whole, but we are also able to build up a website’s keyword catalog. This strategy allows clients to show up in SERPs for more variations and semantic-related terms versus only targeting a specific number of keywords.

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