Ask The Expert: Curate Content Like Your Favorite Movie Theater

| June 26, 2018

As an advertiser, how are you able to effectively capture consumer attention?

By Collin Land, SEO Manager at TEGNA Marketing

We consume so much purposeful and strategized content throughout our day-to-day lives that, truthfully, we don’t have the time to take a second look. Whether we’re being served ads during our favorite TV shows or checking out the billboards we see every single day during our daily commute, it’s clear that advertisers are trying to get our attention.

As an advertiser, how are you able to effectively capture consumer attention?

Think like a movie theater.

They’re the ultimate content curators. They understand their audience, provide relevant and authoritative content, and are a consistent resource for the needs of their consumers.

Imagine if your favorite theater only showed the same 10 romantic comedies from the 90s and nothing else. The customer base would eventually trickle if not, fall completely off because there are no new movies being added. This means a few different things. Once new customers have seen all ten romcoms, they most likely won’t visit the theater again, due to the lack of variety. Then eventually, the theater will only benefit from returning customers that enjoy those specific romantic comedies.

This is exactly why movie theaters have a rotating and changing library that covers many different genres. It gives them the best chance to gain new customers. Each time a new movie comes to the theater, it creates anticipation in that customers understanding they release movies once every two weeks. It also strengthens reputation due to the fact they always have something new and relevant that their customers will like.

This is the exact mindset we rely on at TEGNA Marketing when creating content for our Brand Building clients. We want to ensure we are providing relevant and authoritative content on a consistent basis that targets the correct audience. In doing so we take in to account four things when strategizing for content:

  1. Content topics need to align with the business’ scope of work (general product or services).
  2. Find what is trending within that specific geolocation for relevancy and search purposes (current events, weather, pop culture).
  3. Strategize content pieces to fall within the confines of awareness, engagement, informational, decision, and advocacy.
  4. Create content that has meaning and purpose beyond SEO.

With these four focal points, we can ensure we are putting the right pieces in place for our client’s business to be anticipated and reputable within their space!


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