5 things you HAVE to do with your next Email Marketing Campaign to Get the Results You Want

| March 26, 2019

How will your email stand out in a crowded inbox? We’ve come up with some best practice tips that can help you reach potential customers in a clean and creative way.

Believe it or not, email is the most popular smartphone activity. If we’re in bed, watching a movie, in the bathroom, in the car, or walking the dog – we are checking our email on our smartphones.

In fact, on an average day, we receive an estimated 53 marketing emails across both personal and work accounts. How does your creative stand out among those other 52 emails? We’ve got some best practice tips that can be your guide.

Tip #1: Email is All About the Call-to-Action

The most important piece of any marketing email is the call-to-action (CTA). It’s so important that the CTA should be written before any other creative work begins. The CTA needs to be bold, clear, concise and written in a way that drives action, such as visiting the website, converting, or leaving a review or other feedback.

CTAs also need to be placed ‘above the fold’ and again below the fold in some cases (sometimes called a fallback CTA). Try to avoid using secondary CTAs, but if it’s necessary, be sure to design it differently so it’s not confused with the primary CTA.

Bonus Pro Tip: Many brands are experimenting – and winning – with multiple choice CTAs. For example, a follow-up email to a clothing purchase could ask how the item – too small, too big, or just right – with each CTA button leading to a review page.

Tip #2: Personalization is key

Your email subscribers are unique – one size does not fit all. The emails they receive from you should be unique to their preferences. If you don’t know your subscribers’ preferences, Progressive Profiling emails are a great way to collect more information about how they want to interact with your brand. The more you drill down and further segment your recipient lists through these types of emails, you’ll be able to increase both your open and click rates are emails become more personalized.

Moral of the story? Don’t batch and blast. Use the data you collect to put customers in different buckets to create a more personalized experience. If you need more help learning about your customers, here are four ways you can get to know them better.

Tip #3: Clean Design to Reduce the Clutter

The best-designed emails are those that have no visible preheader text, have an abundance of white space, and many companies have had success with simple yet eye-catching animations that reinforce branding efforts. Try and eliminate mirror links, menus and simple headers. Make sure your design allows the read to get directly to the point.


Tip #4: Clean Copy to Reduce the Clutter

Email is a channel for action, not a place to consume tons of content – leave that to the landing page your email directs traffic to. With email marketing, the copy needs to be short and sweet, clear and direct. Be sure to use relatable language in an active voice, and again, keep the word count low, and leave plenty of room for white space for a clean and polished email.

Tip #5: Learn to VENT

Before you hit send on your campaign, ask yourself the following: Is my email valuable, engaging, necessary, and is all the information true? If your email isn’t providing value, should you really send it?

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