4 Ways to Effectively Reach an Audience on the Second Screen

| May 14, 2019

Advertisers might be concerned that second screen viewing habits distract from viewing ad campaigns, second-screening actually enhances the engagement of this highly receptive audience.

Raise your hand if you’ve used your smartphone while watching TV. If you’re not raising your hand, you’re one of the very few, at least, according to Nielsen.

From an advertiser’s standpoint, 88 percent of the U.S. population is open for a variety of second screen opportunities. In fact, ‘second screening’ improves a viewer’s chances of engaging with an ad by 75 percent.

How are these viewers interacting with the second screen?

  • 71 percent look up more information on content they’re viewing
  • 35 percent shop for products or services being advertised
  • 41 percent share information on what they are viewing via email and text messages
  • 28 percent share information on what they are viewing to social media platforms

While advertisers might be concerned that second screen viewing habits distract from viewing broadcast ad campaigns, second-screening actually enhances engagement in this highly receptive audience.

Here’s how you can reach this massive audience with TEGNA Marketing Solutions.  

Native Advertising & The Second Screen

An estimated 71 percent of second-screeners are seeking more information on content they’re viewing. With another 70 percent saying they would like to learn more about certain products and services via content as opposed to regular ads, Native Advertising is a great second screen solution.

That’s because Native Advertising comes in the form of a blog post, infographic, or a short video, placed within search results, content articles, email marketing, and in social media feeds. The content is often informative and offers insights on the subject at hand.

Better yet, because Native Advertising is designed to blend with its content distribution platform, consumers interact with Native Advertising anywhere from 20 to 60 percent more than traditional banner ads.

Local News & The Second Screen

According to Pew research, local TV is still the most common way for Americans to get their news. On top of that, Poynter found that 76 percent of Americans have a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in their local TV news stations. It’s also true that when viewers want to know more about a particular story, they’re turning to their local station’s website and/or apps to get that information from a trusted source.

Another great second screen option is digital ads within local news stations’ websites and apps. Ads placed here come in a variety of forms including display ads, pre-roll digital video, sponsorship opportunities, or native ads, and can act as the perfect digital complement to TV ad campaigns.

Social Media & The Second Screen

Recent studies have shown how powerful social media advertising can be, especially when paired with TV programming. It turns out that when watching “social shows,” viewers are more likely to shop online – as data shows that placing ads alongside social shows like “Dancing with the Stars” or “The Bachelor” results in an increase in web traffic.

Email Marketing & The Second Screen

Did you know that 43 percent of all emails are opened via mobile? Pair that with the 41 percent of Americans that share information on what they are viewing via email, and it’s clear that email marketing should be on the list of complementary tactics to add to TV campaigns.

Imagine a scenario where a viewer sees your ad on TV, visits their inbox, then sees your email in their inbox with a great offering from your store. Use Email Marketing to increase brand awareness, generate website traffic, or promote a specific offer or sales event in conjunction with TV campaigns.

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