Looking Back on the Good Things That Came From a Not-So-Good Year

Kate Kalan, Account Manager and Media Strategist at KARE 11, shares the good things that came from being in good company in a not-so-good year.

One year ago, the entire world was turned upside down. It was the beginning of what will be the worst year for most of us, but it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Kate Kalan, Account Manager and Media Strategist at KARE 11, shares the good things that came from being in good company in a not-so-good year.

What being in good company means to me 

Good Feels 

For me, being in good company starts with good feelings within. I not only whole-heartedly identify with TEGNA’s new go-to-market strategy “Be in good company,” but with KARE 11’s mission of leading with integrity, empathy, sincerity, and wonder as well. These are values I believe in my core; values that motivate me to do good everyday and company I’m proud to be a part of. 

A good company adapts and embraces change – like a virtual work environment. Through daily Zoom touchpoints, thoughtful meeting agendas, and transparent discussions, we are connected and communicating more efficiently within our sales department, station, and corporation than ever before. Doors are opened based on talent and tenacity, rather than a time zone. 

Working for a large media company was always my goal. I wanted to be a part of the magic of television, reaching the masses with good content that informs and inspires. At TEGNA, I can be in my little corner of Minnesota, working side by side with people from all over the country. In this past year of remote working, I have been afforded more opportunities and been awarded more relationships than in all the years I was confined to an office.   

Good People 

Being in good company is being surrounded by good people and I can honestly say the leadership team and my peers at KARE 11 and TEGNA put me in great company. I do not doubt that I am valued, respected, and heard as an employee here. These good people amplify my belief in our good brand. 

A good company leads with gratitude, inclusion, and teamwork; the success of one is the success of all. I truly feel genuine support from my fellow KARE Bears and TEGNA cohorts. We have good leaders who strive to put people in the right positions, armed with the right tools needed to thrive.  

A good company has management who takes the time to invest in their employees, raising their visibility and being their champion. Here new ideas and different viewpoints are welcomed and celebrated. TEGNA has some of the brightest minds in news, business, marketing, and media – and while that could feel intimidating, here it makes you feel inspired and eager to do better. 

Good Partnerships 

At TEGNA, our story is about telling others stories and serving the greater good of our communities. Being in good company is earning the trust and respect of not only our viewers but our advertisers. Finding unique integrations to align our client’s brands with ours is one of the best parts of my job. To see a project come to fruition, from ideation to air is something special to be a part of. 

Good partnerships inside and out whether that be another department, a viewer, or a client looking to grow their business are what put me in good company. Integrations like the “That’s so Minnesota Road Trip” and “Explore the Winter Wonder” incorporate all three. Developing meaningful integrations that not only showcase the best of our brand but achieve our client’s goals beyond their expectations. 

Out of what was considered a not-so-good year, good things do come from being in good company. 

Kate Kalan is an Account Manager/Media Strategist at KARE 11 by day, writer by night, cat mom, dog sister, and loving daughter from the north woods of Minnesota. She recently decided to give this writing thing a go with a lighthearted blog called Couch Potato Curator. She hopes that her silly little musings put a smile on someone’s face! 

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  • Jerry Bodine says:

    Very well said Kate! You are a great ambassador for both KARE 11 and Tegna. Thank you so much for all you do!

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